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Benefits of 'Compact' Sectional Doors

Compact Doors offer design freedom

The Compact Door can provide solutions to challenges that until now would have been unthinkable. Whatever the building style, design or construction, the Compact Door has all the answers.


An overhead door has its limitations

A standard overhead door with door blade attached to the ceiling would block out light from any windows located above the door aperture. Choosing a Compact Door gives you more design options.

The Compact Door will fit into any building

The Compact Door – your cost effective, versatile industrial door for installation in any building – new or existing.



The Compact Door’s space saving capability

The unique folding mechanism stacks the panels directly above the door opening therefore freeing up more space for other equipment like air conditioning, light fittings and overhead cranes.


In automotive environments the Compact Door allows you to use the full height of your building for lifting equipment

This enables you to maximise the usage of your space. No longer will the height of your car lift be restricted by the door blade and you will be able to use the lift for tall vehicles.


An overhead door takes your "costly" space away

If the doorblade is positioned under the roof, it occupies valuable space. The use of the car lift will be restricted for use with tall verhicles like campers and vans.

All risk to low roof installations is removed

The Compact Door does not require fixing to the roof structure, whereas a traditional overhead door would require additional steel work attached to the roof to support its tracks. This also avoids wear and tear on the roof structure.


An overhead door damages the roof

With the tracks of a traditional sectional overhead door installed in this manner, a potentially detrimental force is created on the roof structure.

Complex construction for a crane is not required

With a Compact Door a crane can have access up to within one metre of the doorway. Also there is no requirement for additional steel work or strengthening of columns.


A Compact Door can be easily installed under the crane

Why waste your money ?

With the Compact Door there is no requirement to install additional steel work, strengthen support columns or roof steel.

Two Compact Doors fit into a corner

This will maximise the use of space in your building. No conventional overhead door has this capability.


The Compact Door’s low noise generation

With no counter balance springs or weights and thanks to the Compact Door’s smooth guiding system the operating noise level of the door is low, which makes for a better working environment.


The Compact Door is virtually maintenance-free

The Compact Door has high density Teflon based plastic roller bearings which make our doors virtually maintenance-free.

Light continues to shine

Lighting installed adjacent to a Compact Door provides illumination whether the door is open or closed, unlike a conventional overhead door.


When a conventional overhead door is open, the door blade will conceal any roof lights you may already have fitted

See the light and make the COMPACT DOOR your first choice!


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