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'Compact' Sectional Doors - Standard Features

Reliability and safe usage of any industrial door are very important requirements. Our Compact Doors have been designed with a number of standard safety features which satisfy these needs and comply with the European Norms EN 13 241-1 and the specified Safety Norms EN-12604 and EN 12453.

Automatic locking system

This standard feature on every Compact Door prevents undesirable uplift of the door blade from the outside. Because of this round the clock automatic locking system the door is well protected against burglars.


Fall safety device

If a cable breaks, the fall safety device will prevent the door blade from falling down.


The Compact Door is provided with two independent steel cables with a safety factor of 6.

If a cable breaks, the falling door blade will be caught in the side rail and hold it in place.


Slack cable tension alert device

If there is a problem with the cable tension, the slack cable device will stop the motor running to avoid any potentially dangerous situations or damage to the door.

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